Investing Should Not Be Emotional
Investing Should Be Based Upon Information & Knowledge
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ValuEngine provides research on over 5,000 stocks with stock valuations, Buy/Hold/Sell reccommendations, and forecasted target prices, so that you the individual investor can make informed decisions, not emotional ones!
VE employs a complex Quantitative model that evaluates all available data, all the time.

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  • Research on over 4,000 US and 1,000 Canadian stocks
  • Updated DAILY (when stock markets open)
  • Fair market valuations, forecasted target prices, Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations
  • Industry and Sector Group analysis
  • Screener to find top forecasted, or most undervalued stocks (and much more)
  • Portfolio functions to maximize performance
  • Portfolio wizard to build list of stocks to fit specific investment goals
  • Daily Market Bulletin and Weekly newsletters
  • Individual stock financials
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  • Everything in above Stock Analysis Service, PLUS:

  • Data file download of ValuEngine research outputs: Valuations, Forecasts, Ratings
  • Import portfolio functions
  • View unlimited ValuEngine stock reports on over 5,000 companies
  • Over 500 ETF reports (Exchange Traded Funds) updated weekly
  • Unlimited access to 16 Sector and over 140 Industry reports
  • Track portfolios of unlimited size
Subscription Rates: $99.95/month, $499.95/6-month, $899.95/annual - Sign Up Now for a two-week No Risk, Free Trial!

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Data Feeds/Consultancy

  • Real time data feeds of ValuEngine model outputs
  • Quantitative consulting such as model creation, testing, backtesting
  • Other customized services
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