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The crash in oil prices has unsettled the markets, and volatility has returned at a time when money managers should be padding their results for the year with a traditional holiday uptick. With these sorts of numbers, we now operate well within "normal" range for valuation. ...

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Market Indices - 12/18/2014 4:52pm
IndexLatest Change YTD
Dow Jones17,778.20421.287.25%
NASDAQ Composite4,748.40104.0813.69%
Russell 20001,192.1617.332.45%
S&P 5002,061.2348.3411.52%
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Most Active Stocks on 12/18/14
SymbolLast CloseVolume Engine
RAD6.78105,656,000   317.71%      76-4.59%      23Report
BAC17.5379,334,000   311.73%      69-1.52%      41Report
EEM38.5770,091,400   3-6.61%      412.02%      63Report
PBR6.964,339,500   4-49.67%      1212.71%      98Report
GDX18.7662,391,200   3-10.07%      371.51%      60Report
AAPL112.6559,006,200   343.17%      901.73%      61Report

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