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How To Use This Site - Get the most from your VE subscription!
While there is no better stock valuation system than ValuEngine available anywhere today, you need to know how to use it to maximize your chances of success in the market. To help you do that, we've created this "shop manual" to use as you begin your subscription.
If you're an active investor, you'll have the chance to test your own portfolio of stocks against our proprietary models and see how it measures up. If you're a beginner just starting to get your feet wet in the stock market, we'll build a hypothetical portfolio for you that you can "road test" in the system and see how it works. Then, as you begin to invest, you'll already be comfortable with our models and their applications, and be able to select the stocks that will give you the best chance to build future wealth.
First, you need a plan. Every profitable enterprise has a business plan, and the business of buying and selling stocks is no different. Take a strategic view of what you want to do and set up an investment strategy that will take you to your goal. To help you decide what kind of investor you are, we've developed numerous Benchmark Portfolios that contain various ValuEngine strategies for stock selection. Look them over and see where you fit in.
For demonstration purposes (while you're thinking) let's pick one and get to work. We'll use the balanced strategy. You may want to print the strategy page so you can refer to it later as we look to see if our stock selections fit the strategy we've chosen.
Now, go on to the single stock valuation page.
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