ValuEngine Provides a Variety of Services:
ValuEngine Professional Membership Service for the professional Investor - $99.95/Month. Two-Week Free Trial

This service includes:
    ValuEngine Enhanced Stock Analysis Service
    Our Professional Service provides investment professionals with access to the complete ValuEngine Product line. Subscribers receive expanded access to our VE Stock Evaluation Models and our website as well as our newsletter line up.
    • Access to the ValuEngine Website Stock Analysis Service with Enhanced Functionality for Professionals (Includes all features of Stock Analysis Service listed below.)
    • Full import and export of data functions
    • Subscription to all ValuEngine Newsletters listed below included
    • Expanded Website Searches and Screening Results
    • Access to all ValuEngine research reports updated every day, on More than 8000 Individual Companies--including Sector and Industry Reports and more than 900 Canadian Stocks
    • Portfolio Import and Tracking
    • Detailed Stock Forecasting: ValuEngine forecasts for over 8,000 companies and six time horizons.
    • Analyst Research: Statistics on analyst estimates and consensus EPS figures.
    • Benchmark Portfolio Access: Track and Trade five ValuEngine portfolios, including access to all current stocks as they are updated.
    • ValuEngine Stock Ratings on over 8,000 companies.
    • Much more is available. Contact a senior member of the ValuEngine team at (800) 381-5576 for a tour. Or subscribe to a full two week trial below.

    The ValuEngine Forecast 16 Market Neutral Strategy Newsletter
    The ValuEngine Forecast 16 Market Neutral Strategy Newsletter is the product of ValuEngine's Forecast Model. This model was developed by a team of PhD's and is based on the cutting edge economic theories of Wall Street professionals and Ivy League academics.
    The ValuEngine Forecast 16 Market Neutral Strategy Newsletter utilizes Forecast Model outputs along with market capitalization, price, and sector diversification rules to provide subscribers with a monthly portfolio made up of 16 stocks for both the long and short sides.  In addition, 16 alternate picks for both sides are provided for a total of 64 individual stock picks.
    We developed our market neutral strategy (MNS) portfolios via a process of rigorous back testing and real-world application.  These portfolios feature a long and a short side and allow for consistent and steady gains in both good and bad markets.   Our MNS portfolios have been the best performers during the current market downturn.
    With the ValuEngine Forecast 16 Market Neutral Strategy Newsletter, the individual investor now has the capability of running their own portfolio in a manner similar to major hedge funds without the typical 2% management/20% performance fees.  Previously, only subscribers to ValuEngine's Institutional Software package (VEI) received access to our MNS portfolios.
    This portfolio is published once a month near the middle of the month.  It can be allocated equally, biased long or short, or utilized as a long or short-only portfolio at the subscriber's discretion.

    • We carefully examine dozens of fundamental and technical factors for over 8,000 stocks, synthesize the data, and provide a sector-diverse portfolio of 32 long picks and 32 short picks to subscribers.
    • This Newsletter has been the best performing ValuEngine portfolio over the past 3 years.
    • The Forecast 16 MNS Newsletter is based on the same research we provide to our hedge fund and major institutional clients.
    • For the first time, the individual investor can access some of our most valuable data for a modest cost.
    Frequency: Monthly. Release Date: Middle of the Month. Delivery: Website Download. download sample

    The ValuEngine View Monthly Newsletter
    The ValuEngine View newsletter is the product of a sophisticated stock valuation model that was first developed by ValuEngine's research team comprised of Ivy League academics and Wall Street professionals. It utilizes a three factor approach that includes: fundamental variables such as a company's trailing 12-month Earnings-Per-Share (EPS), the analyst consensus estimate of the company's future 12-month EPS, and the 30-year Treasury yield. A total of eleven additional firm-specific variables are also used.
    The ValuEngine View portfolio is constructed by integrating this model along with some basic rules for market capitalization and industry diversification as well as the return-forecast figures for each individual equity. The portfolio has 15 stocks and is re-balanced once each month. An equal amount of capital is allocated to each stock.
    What are the benefits of subscribing to ValuEngine View Newsletter? Click HERE for the answers or click HERE for portfolio performance.

    • We carefully examine dozens of fundamental and technical factors for over 7,000 stocks, synthesize the data, and come up with a list of our 15 best investment ideas.
    • The View Newsletter is based on the same research we provide to the professionals on Wall Street.
    Frequency: Monthly. Release Date: Middle of the Month. Delivery: Website Download. download sample

    Subscription Rates: $99.95/month, $499.95/6-month, $899.95/annual - Sign Up Now for a two-week No Risk, Free Trial!

ValuEngine Stock Analysis Service for the Individual Investor - $14.95/Month. Two-Week Free Trial
Our Stock Analysis Service gives you access to the complete ValuEngine toolbox right on our website. It includes everything you need to make the VE Stock Evaluation Models work for you and substantially increase your chances of success in the Market. Website access includes our detailed analysis tables and charts for individual and multiple stocks. In our research section, you'll access fundamental financial data on individual companies
as well as the consensus opinions of top analysts on the Street. Most important of all, you'll be using our complete portfolio and screening services -- including the unique VE Portfolio Forecast and portfolio tracking functions. Best of all, you can try out our website for a no-risk, 14-day FREE trial and learn how the ValuEngine system works. With the Stock Analysis Service you get a powerful fundamentally-based quant research department right on your desktop! NOTE: Quotes are 15-20 minutes delayed.
All Members Receive our Weekly Newsletter Absolutely FREE. Click HERE for Feedback from our Many Satisfied Clients.

  • Individual Stock Valuation Summaries and Multi stock Comparisons.
  • Forecast Return & Valuation Charts.
  • Market Overview & Real-Time Market News.
  • ValuEngine Backtesting Charts and Historical Performance Information.
  • Portfolio Functions: Create or Optimize your portfolios based on ValuEngine models and your investment style.
  • Advanced Screening: Screen for a basket of stocks based on your own investment criteria.
  • Detailed Stock Forecasting:  ValuEngine forecasts for over 10,000 companies and six time horizons.
  • Analyst Research: Statistics on analyst estimates and consensus EPS figures.
  • Benchmark Portfolio Access: Create stock baskets using our performance-tested model strategies.
  • ValuEngine Stock Ratings on over 4,000 companies.
Subscription Rates: $14.95/month, $79.95/6-months, $149.95/annual - Sign Up Now for a 14-Day No Risk, Free Trial!

Individual Stock, Sector, and Industry Research Reports from ValuEngine and other Analysts
ValuEngine provides individual stock, industry, and sector reports on thousands of tickers.  In addition, we have partnered with some of the best analysts in finance to provide a variety of additional research reports of use no matter your investment style and data needs.  Our Rating and Forecast Report incorporates the outputs from all of our proprietary models and includes a valuation overview, rating, fair value assessment, return forecasts, market ratio-based valuations, comparable stock analysis, and complete company financials. Other reports include data on top and bottom industry performers for a variety of categories.  Use the search box to find a variety of reports for every ticker in our universe.

  • ValuEngine Rating and Forecast Reports
  • ValuEngine Summary Reports
  • ValuEngine Industry Reports
  • ValuEngine Stock Rating Reports
  • ValuEngine Technical Portfolio Reports
  • New Constructs Company Reports
  • Richard Suttmeier's Trading Strategies Reports
  • Option-Smart Research Reports
Subscription Rates: Cost Varies Based on Report and Provider. Call Us at 800-381-5576 for Monthly Subscription Rates, or click HERE to Search All Research Reports.

Customized Data Feeds and Consultancy Services
ValuEngine works closely with hedge funds and other institutional-level investors.  Each project varies and generally involves a customized daily or inter-day feed of ValuEngine's Valuation and/or Forecast data.  Clients may provide ValuEngine's management with specifications or we can help you on a consulting basis to design a data feed most applicable to your specific needs.

  • Specialized Data Feeds
  • Historical Rating, Valuation, Forecast, and other Data
  • Backtesting
  • Customized Analysis Reports
  • "White Label" Research
Subscription Rates: Prices vary depending on the resources required and the complexity of the feed. Call us at 800-381-5576 or click HERE for more information.
Contact ValuEngine: (800) 381-5576,
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