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ValuEngine Presentations
  • ValuEngine Introduction - 1/24/2011
    ValuEngine is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics. download now (ppt, 27M).

  • The AAII Central Florida Chapter presents: The Death of Buy and Hold, the Rise of Buy and Trade - 1/19/2011
    With all of the recent market uncertainties, making the correct stock decisions can be daunting. Our speaker will describe the advantages of using software as an aid in selecting stocks. download now (ppt, 1M).

  • QWAFAFEW Presents: Mixing the Oil of Fundamentals with the Water of Technicals to Trade Stocks - 5/12/2010
    ValuEngine's Richard Suttmeier presents to the Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance Education and Wisdom (QWAFAFEW) trading strategies designed to combine fundamental and technical analysis as conducted by Presented at the Nassau Club in Princeton, NJ. download now (ppt, 980K).

  • ValuEngine Valuation and Forecasting Models - 1/8/2008
    The fair valuation model and forecast model with performance. download now (ppt, 930K).
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