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ValuEngine Institutional Software

VEInstitutional Product is :

  • Stock Valuation and Forecasting
  • Full Access to our 4,800 Stock Universe
  • Unlimited Screens and Tracking Functions
  • Market Neutral Portfolio Access
  • Download Results Directly to Excel

VEInstitutional delivers the most innovative concepts in financial theory directly to your computer.

VEInstitutional provides cutting-edge quantitative stock and equity portfolio analysis tools designed to maximize return, control risk, and reduce your work load.

VEInstitutional software deploys our powerful and award-winning Stock Valuation Model. This model is the foundation upon which all of ValuEngine's unique valuation, forecasting, and optimization tools are built. This software provides professionals and skilled individual investors with a multi-dimensional view of their equity positions. It also creates a consistent, reliable, and objective decision-making environment.
Unlike VE website users, VEI subscribers gain unlimited access to our universe of 4800 companies and receive daily and monthly database updates direct from our servers. VEI also allows users full access to VE's benchmark market-neutral investment strategy portfolios with both long and short sides. The software features unlimited stock screening, portfolio tracking, and other valuable features which are integrated with Microsoft Excel for ease of use.
VEI subscribers also receive a free subscription to ValuEngine's Premium Weekly Newsletter. This product features valuable training tips for using ValuEngine, weekly long-short portfolios based on current market conditions, in-depth sector, industry, and market analysis sections, and insights into quantitative financial theory and investment practices from our research and development team.
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If needed, VEI subscribers receive free online, telephone, and in person software training and have access to ValuEngine support staff during business hours. The software is updated regularly and new features--such as ADR tracking--are constantly being implemented to meet customer demand.
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