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ValuEngine Rating and Forecast Report: Advanced academic research that brings you superior investment strategies in an actionable format. The most comprehensive and useful report available. ValuEngine's three models: Valuation Model, Forecast Model and Ratings Model are incorporated to give you a well-rounded analysis from three different perspectives. Consensus EPS trend and Earnings Surprise statistics provide additional insights. Also, detailed Company Profile, ValuEngine Fair Valuation; 1-3-6 month and 1-2-3 yr forecasts, ValuEngine 1-5 Engine Rating, Multi-stock comparison, Financials, Earnings Estimates, Risk Assessment, Data Summary and much more.09/30/14$25.00
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ValuEngine Summary Report: Advanced academic research that brings you superior investment strategies in an actionable format. All the facts required for crucial decision-making. Detailed Business Profile contains the most recent developments in the Company's business and developments in the Industry. Valuation based on up to 10 year historical data. Unique Style rating that rates each stock's attractiveness for different styles of investing from day-trading to long term value-investing. Comparison with peers and Indices on 9 items from EPS surprise to Sharpe Ratio. Plus 8 annual and quarterly financials. ValuEngine Summary Reports for unique investment insights are available for over 6000 U.S. stocks. 09/30/14$9.00
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ValuEngine Industry Report for Finance-investment Bkrs - Advanced academic research that brings you superior investment strategies in an actionable format. Industry Analysis Report, the perfect Report for the bigger picture; with Industry Overview, Industry Rating, Valuation, Forecast, Financials, and Top 10 and Bottom 10 stocks of the Industry by analysis category including 1-month forecasts, EPS growth, past returns and Under/Over Valuation. 09/30/14$49.00
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ValuEngine Comprehensive Stock Rating Report - Lists more than 4000 ValuEngine Ratings on stocks from 5-engine to 1-engine companies. Engine Ratings, 1 month forecast and fair market valuation. Sorted by ValuEngine 1-5 rating. Also available in Excel or CSV formats upon request.

The Engine Rating System: The ValuEngine Rating is an overall assessment of a stock's attractiveness. It combines the following five factors : valuation, risk-return tradeoff, momentum, market capitalization and forecasted future returns. Only two percent of the stock universe receives the highest 5-engine rating, while the lowest rating is a single engine.
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