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ValuEngine Comprehensive Stock Rating Report - Lists more than 4000 ValuEngine Ratings on stocks from 5-engine to 1-engine companies. Engine Ratings, 1 month forecast and fair market valuation. Sorted by ValuEngine 1-5 rating. Also available in Excel or CSV formats upon request.

The Engine Rating System: The ValuEngine Rating is an overall assessment of a stock's attractiveness. It combines the following five factors : valuation, risk-return tradeoff, momentum, market capitalization and forecasted future returns. Only two percent of the stock universe receives the highest 5-engine rating, while the lowest rating is a single engine.
Adobe PDF format, 49 pages, 216K bytes. Previewselect

SPECIAL REPORT: WATCH OUT FOR CRAP! - Heavy snowfall will likely affect 1Q results while weak resource currencies - Canada, Russia, Australia, Peru (LatAm) introduce further risk First Quarter ? too many US snowstorms not to have an impact on 1Q results. CRAP currency exposure will drive (2-3) point headwind on average ? worst hit being CAT (5). Full year currency impact ?figure (0-2) points at current exchange rates. Canada ? Bombardier (BBD.B-TO).. Australia ? China worries... Top five exposures are.... Latin America ? the Brazilian Real... European results will... Take-away: While our macro view remains constructive (come on late cycle!) we would anticipate speed bumps going into Q1.03/21/14$25.00
Adobe PDF format, 11 pages, 1037K bytes. Previewselect

Bombardier - Hockey Stick Upside - Big Hockey Stick Upside ? range of scenarios suggests upside of 3-6X by 2018 But we are at the long end of the stick ? skepticism among investors is justifiably high What to do with the stock ? index huggers can check out ...03/21/14$25.00
Adobe PDF format, 5 pages, 768K bytes. Previewselect

TYC: ADT Korea Divestiture - Includes quarterly updates on formally covered companies (enhanced Snapshot format), Deal Analytics when a major transaction is announced, and estimate, rating, and target revisions. May also include occasional "deep dive" analysis.03/03/14$25.00
Adobe PDF format, 5 pages, 618K bytes. Previewselect

Kellogg Energy Conference - These reports provide information deriving from on-site research work including plant visits, meetings with management teams of "non covered" companies and trade shows. May be used to explore a non-covered company in more depth and discuss general valuation parameters, taking advantage of the author's deep and broad sector knowledge and stock picking.02/27/14$25.00
Adobe PDF format, 5 pages, 233K bytes. Previewselect

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