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The latest issue of the ValuEngine FDIC Newsletter was released on Jul. 10, 2013
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Using FDIC data on assets and loan portfolios as well as ValuEngine data points, Richard Suttmeier's FDIC Evaluation Newsletter discusses the banking industry in-depth and includes analysis of problem banks that may be in danger of failure. Suttmeier provides investors with timely analysis on large institutions as well as smaller regional and community banks. Suttmeier correctly predicted the current crisis several years ago, and this report includes his latest analysis. The newsletter features a major quarterly revision published in December, March, June, and Septermber and now includes monthly updates that provide Suttmeier's latest analysis as well as updated VE data points for the Problem Banks and the Home Building industry.

Who is Richard Suttmeier?
Richard Suttmeier Richard Suttmeier is ValuEngine's Chief Market Strategist. A financial analyst for media such as Fox News, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNNfn, and Bloomberg, Suttmeier has long been one of ValuEngine's "power users," supporting his own technically-focused analysis with VE's fundamentally-based quant methods. Suttmeier provides our clients access to a series of in-depth custom reports on banking, commodities, and other areas, as well as his extensive knowledge of technical analysis and the financial markets in general.

Suttmeier, who started his working life as an engineer, holds a bachelor's degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a master's degree from Brooklyn Polytechnic University. He worked on the Apollo lunar module and the F-14 Tomcat for Grumman in the late 1960s. Later, he entered the world of finance and joined the Bank of New York working on systems applications for the International Division. He has also worked for Briggs, Scheadle as an agency and U.S. Treasury trader, Loeb Rhodes as a bond and agency trader, and he also served as the first long-bond trader at Bache. In 1981, he began the Government Bond Division at L. F. Rothschild.

In addition to running his own consulting firm, Global Markets Consultants, Ltd. -- which produces reports covering the technicals of the Treasury market, financial futures, commodities, currencies and equity indices--Suttmeier also worked as the U.S. Treasury strategist for Smith Barney and the Chief Financial Strategist for William R. Hough & Co.

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