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The Latest ValuTrader Portfolio Newsletter was released on Oct. 18, 2014
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ValuTrader Performance
Buy and Trade
Last Update: January 3, 2013
Time Frame # LongsAVG Gain
/ Loss
SP 500+/-# ShortsAVG Gain
SP 500+/-Portfolio
2009 from July 13th228.96%12.82%-3.86%1530.00%-1.22%1.22%8.19%
Calendar Year 20101434.63%2.59%2.04%1751.04%0.61%0.43%35.17%
Calendar Year 20111930.35%0.86%-0.51%26-1.00%-0.58%-0.42%1.75%
2012 Year to Date1133.50%2.44%1.06%182.94%1.75%1.19%18.84%
Since Inception4712.81%2.32%0.48%3720.42%-0.26%0.67%63.95%

Win/Loss Record
Last Update: January 3, 2013
Time FrameLong WinnersLong LosersHit %Short WinnersShort Losers Hit %Total WinnersTotal LosersHit %
2009 from July 13th20290.91%916259.48%1116463.43%
Calendar Year 20101123178.32%1027358.29%21410467.30%
Calendar Year 20111395472.02%131350.00%1526769.41%
2012 Year to Date941983.19%15383.33%1092283.21%
Since Inception36510677.49%22115159.41%58625769.51%

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The ValuTrader Portfolio Newsletter is based on ValuEngine Chief Market Strategist Richard Suttmeier's proprietary market analytics. Suttmeier combines his technical analysis expertise with ValuEngine's proprietary valuation, forecast, and ratings data for more than 4000 equities trading on US markets to come up with a 20 stock portfolio tailored to current market conditions. With ValuTrader, subscribers access Suttmeier's "Buy and Trade" strategy with a portfolio designed to function well in both up and down markets.

What You Receive With Your Subscription? Every Friday, you will receive an electronic copy of Richard Suttmeier's ValuTrader model portfolio that includes technical risk, pivot, and value levels, as well as critical ValuEngine data points--ratings, valuation, and forecast--for the current 20 stock portfolio. Whenever Suttmeier buys a new stock or sells a current holding, subscribers receive an email alert so that they can take advantage of Suttmeier's proven market-timing expertise. The portfolio may include long as well as short positions according to Suttmeier's read of the markets.

What's Behind The ValuTrader Portfolio Newsletter? ValuEngine provides equity research to a variety of hedge funds as well as some of the largest institutions on Wall St. We have taken that same institutional-quality research and combined it with the technical analysis and market timing expertise of our Chief Market Strategist Richard Suttmeier. Suttmeier is famous for correctly calling the tech-stock bottom in 2002-2003, predicting the current housing/credit crisis back in 2005, and calling the most recent market bottom on March 5, 2009! He is a frequent guest on CNBC, FOX Business Channel, and other financial media. With ValuTrader, subscribers utilize Suttmeier as their own personal portfolio manager!

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