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The ValuEngine Daily Newsletter is written by our Senior Editor and Newsletter Manager, Steve Hach. Steve Hach utilizes ValuEngine's complex quantitative models to create products and services for both individual investors and institutional clients. Steve's research is distributed to organizations as Wells Fargo Securities, Scotia Capital, and others. With this free newsletter, published most trading days, you will get analysis of various ValuEngine stock picks, newsletters, economic commentary, and market insights. The Daily Bulletin features additional critical data on market and sector valuations and frequently includes links to free ValuEngine stock reports, newsletter samples, and notification of ValuEngine investor events in your area.

The ValuEngine Weekly Newsletter familiarizes investors with ValuEngine's quantitative methodology, demonstrates the use of the tools and features at, provides analysis for key indices, sectors, and industries, looks at individual stocks, provides the latest results for a variety of VE portfolios and newsletters, and will help you get the most out of your ValuEngine investment tools.

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GM Posts Lower than Expected Results - 2015-04-23
We make it three for three this week with big companies reporting Q1 results in our bulletins. General Motors was propped up by the government during the financial crisis to much criticism from some circles--hello Mitt Romney. But clearly, the company is back from the dead with share prices trading in the $30-40 range for the past 18 months or so.  Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Mobile Giant Verizon Beats Expectations for Q1 Despite Competition - 2015-04-21
Some heavy hitters are reporting Q1 earnings this week and the latest big player to post is Verizon. The company posted lower earnings year-over-year, but beat analyst expectations. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Wall Street Giant Morgan Stanley Posts Strong Results - 2015-04-20
Morgan Stanley posted a nice beat today, with a profit of $0.85/share. That was $0.07/share higher than consensus estimates. Net revenues were $9.9 billion for the first quarter compared with $9.0 billion a year ago. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

US Steel Jumps 23% for ValuEngine Newsletter - 2015-04-16
United States Steel is currently leading our ValuEngine Market Neutral portfolio for the latest rebalance period with a gain of 23%. However, the company is nowhere near the levels we saw just last Summer. This is a paradoxical case where bad news for company workers is often looked at positively by investors. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Oil Shipper TeeKay Tankers Up by Double Digits for VE Portfolios - 2015-04-07
TeeKay was a selection for several of our portfolios this month and it is currently up more than 10% since our latest round of rebalancing. The stock is currently trading above its 20-Day SMA and analysts have upped the earnings estimates in recent weeks. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

McDonald's Announces Pay Increase at Company-Owned Stores - 2015-04-01
McDonald's has been battered in recent years by declining sales, changing tastes, and competition from options perceived as fresher, tastier, and healthier from competitors such as Chipotle. The company announced today that employees in company-owned stores would receive a boost in pay to equal the local minimum wage Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Mortgage Insurer MGIC Investments Upgraded from Buy to Strong Buy by ValuEngine - 2015-03-24
ValuEngine updated its recommendation from BUY to STRONG BUY for MGIC Investments on 2015-03-23. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

VE Forecast 16 Newsletter Posts Third Monthly Double-Digit Gain - 2015-03-18
This marks the third month in-a-row we have scored a double-digit return with the VE Forecast MNS Newsletter. Our December/January portfolio returned 12.54%, the January/February edition returned 10.15%, and now we have the 11.36% gain this month. It's been quite a quarter for this newsletter.  Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Argentine Bank ADR BBVA Banco Frances Up Big on Political News - 2015-03-17
We have had a BUY on BFR for quite some time--check the chart below for the green areas. Our models made another savvy pick with this company. Other analysts have followed suit, with the company receiving several upgrades. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Portable Device Accessory Manufacturer ZAGG Defies Market Hiccup - 2015-03-10
At times like these it is always instructive to see which stocks continue to perform under pressure. One stock we are watching right now is ZAGG Inc. (ZAGG). ZAGG Inc. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

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