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3M Boosts Profits, ValuEngine Still Rates it a HOLD - 2014-10-23
3M is another earnings week success story. The company posted excellent numbers today and provided a nice beat with Q3 profits up almost six percent. CEO Inge Thulin noted that much of the good news was based on US sales, where a strong economy helped product lines related to auto, aircraft, and electronic manufacturing. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Boeing Posts Great Numbers, Rides Efficient New Passenger Jet Boom - 2014-10-22
As the latest round of earnings progresses this week, Boeing has posted some great numbers. The company reported a profit of @ $1.36 billion or $1.86/share--and increase over last year's Q3 figure of $1.51/share. The company reported a 17% increase in earnings for Q3. And, better yet, the company also reported a record backlog of orders thus indicating that the good numbers may be an ongoing trend.  Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

McDonald's Posts Bad Quarterly Results - 2014-10-21
McDonald's reported Q3 earnings today and it would be an understatement to say they were "not good." Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Weekly: General Electric and Medical - 2014-10-17
This week, we provide top-five ranked VE data for our Medical Stocks. We provide subscribers with a link for our Stock Report on General Electric. Overvaluation is now within normal range. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Future Looks Bright for Southwest, ValuEngine Continues STRONG BUY Rating - 2014-10-15
Our models remain quite impressed by Southwest, and ValuEngine continues its STRONG BUY recommendation on Southwest Airlines for 2014-10-14. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Downgrades Carrizo Oil and Gas to STRONG SELL - 2014-10-14
ValuEngine updated its recommendation from SELL to STRONG SELL for CARRIZO OIL&GAS on 2014-10-13. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Weekly:Sears,Landstar,Energy Stocks,and Suttmeier - 2014-10-10
This week, we provide top-five ranked VE data for our Energy Stocks. We get the latest on technical levels for Landstar Systems,Treasuries,Gold,Oil,the euro,and major indices. We provide subscribers with a link for our Stock Report on Sears Holdings. Overvaluation is now within normal range. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine STRONG SELL Sears Holdings Takes Another Tumble - 2014-10-08
Sears had some more trouble today after Bloomberg News reported that a vendor had stopped shipments to the company over fears related to financing and insurance. Our models have been down on the stock for most of the year so far, and we continue our STRONG SELL recommendation on Sears Holdings Corporation for 2014-10-07. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Tech Giant Hewlett-Packard Announces Split of Company - 2014-10-07
In effort to improve its competitive position, Hewlett-Packard announced yesterday that it would split itself into two entities. One side, HP Incorporated, will focus on the current HP's computer and printer operations. The other side, to be known as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, will focus on services sold to large enterprises such as software, consulting, storage, and servers. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Sirius XM Not a Radio Star for - 2014-10-06
ValuEngine continues its STRONG SELL recommendation on SIRIUS XM for 2014-10-03. Based on the information we have gathered and our resulting research, we feel that SIRIUS XM has the probability to UNDERPERFORM average market performance for the next year. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

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