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Ebay Bows to Icahn Pressure? Will Spin Off PayPal Service Next Year - 2014-09-30
After fighting major shareholder Carl Icahn over demands that the company spin off PayPal, today eBay announced that they will do just that next year. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Bank of America Settles with SEC Over Capital Reporting - 2014-09-29
While we don't expect this fine or news to have much effect on BAC shares, we nonetheless find that the forecast for the bank is not good. ValuEngine continues its SELL recommendation on Bank of America for 2014-09-26. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Weekly:Apple,BlackBerry,Aerospace Stocks,Valuations,and Suttmeier - 2014-09-26
This week, we provide top-five ranked VE data for our Aerospace Stocks. We get the latest on technical levels for Apple,Treasuries,Gold,Oil,the euro,and major indices. We provide subscribers with a link for our Stock Report on Blackberry. Our Valuation Watch is OFF for the first time in a very long time. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Shipper Navios Marine Leads Short-Side of VE Market Neutral Newsletter - 2014-09-25
Navios Maritime has been on a decline of late, posting a new one-year yesterday and currently down more than 8% during today's market sell-off. It currently leads the way for our Forecast 16 Market Neutral subscribers. As a short-pick for this month's newsletter, the stock is down more than 20% as of yesterday's close. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

More iPhones, More Problems - 2014-09-24
As always, "fan boys" lined up for a week or more to get their hands on the new iPhone6 models. The company also rolled out a new mobile operating system update as well. Also as always--or at least it seems so--the initial joy and satisfaction has been tempered by some design issues, software problems, and other bugs. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Valuation Warning is OFF - 2014-09-23
The recent market pull back-- combined with changes in earnings and stock prices-- have resulted in figures that are now the lowest recorded since our current Valuation Warning began. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

BT ADR Upgraded to STRONG BUY by - 2014-09-09
ValuEngine updated its recommendation from BUY to STRONG BUY for BT GRP PLC-ADR on 2014-09-08. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Latest Tech Stock STRONG BUY Upgrade From - 2014-09-04
Synnex Corp is a global IT supply chain services company offering a comprehensive range of services to original equipment manufacturers and software publishers, or (OEMs), and reseller customers worldwide. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine updated its recommendation from BUY to STRONG BUY for JUNIPER NETWORKS - 2014-08-28
Juniper Networks Inc. is a provider of Internet infrastructure solutions that enable Internet service providers and other telecommunications service providers to meet the demands resulting from the rapid growth of the Internet. The company delivers next generation Internet backbone routers that are specifically designed, or purpose-built, for service provider networks and offer our customers increased reliability, performance, scalability, interoperability and flexibility, and reduced complexity and cost compared to current alternatives.  Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine View Continues to Impress - 2014-08-21
For July/August, the ValuEngine View worked its way to a dcent gain of 2.62% vs a flat S&P500 return. The trailing 12 month gain of the VE View is 36% versus the S&P 500 return of 19.93%. The return since inception of the View is 130% versus the S&P's gain of 75%. While ValuEngine offers numerous ready-to-trade portfolios and newsletters designed for every risl/reward profile and every investment style, the View is our best performing newsletter under current market conditions. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

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