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The ValuEngine Daily Newsletter is written by our Senior Editor and Newsletter Manager, Steve Hach. Steve Hach utilizes ValuEngine's complex quantitative models to create products and services for both individual investors and institutional clients. Steve's research is distributed to organizations as Wells Fargo Securities, Scotia Capital, and others. With this free newsletter, published most trading days, you will get analysis of various ValuEngine stock picks, newsletters, economic commentary, and market insights. The Daily Bulletin features additional critical data on market and sector valuations and frequently includes links to free ValuEngine stock reports, newsletter samples, and notification of ValuEngine investor events in your area.

The ValuEngine Weekly Newsletter familiarizes investors with ValuEngine's quantitative methodology, demonstrates the use of the tools and features at, provides analysis for key indices, sectors, and industries, looks at individual stocks, provides the latest results for a variety of VE portfolios and newsletters, and will help you get the most out of your ValuEngine investment tools.

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Coke Posts Refreshing Results - 2016-02-09
Unlike many companies who play deep in emerging markets, Coke was not held back by economic woes in BRIC nations and elsewhere. The stronger US market bolstered their bottom line, and the move to smaller servings for higher prices helped make up the difference with overseas markets.  Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Top-Five BUY/STRONG BUY Upgrades - 2016-02-08
For today's bulletin we used our website's advanced screening functions to search for UPGRADES to BUY or STRONG BUY. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Valuations Remain Low Due To Market Pullback - 2016-02-04
We now calculate that 25.3% of the stocks we can assign a valuation are overvalued and 7.35% of those stocks are overvalued by 20% or more. These numbers have decreased significantly since the beginning of the year Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

GM Results Continue Good News For US Automakers - 2016-02-03
GM,General Motors,earnings,upgraded stocks, stock picks,stock report,investing,steve hach,valuation warning,fundamental analysis Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Exxon-Mobil Posts Worst Results Since 2002 - 2016-02-02
We have been discussing the carnage in the global oil market for some time now. Today we can see how the huge decline in crude prices has effected the largest player in the industry, Exxon Mobil. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Top-Five BUY/STRONG BUY Upgrades - 2016-02-01
For today's bulletin we used our website's advanced screening functions to search for UPGRADES to BUY or STRONG BUY. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Apple Posts Disappointing Results - 2016-01-27
Apple posted disappointing results yesterday after the close, and the market has reacted in a negative fashion. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

ValuEngine Rates Apple A BUY Prior To Q1 Earnings Report - 2016-01-26
Apple is reporting Q1 earnings after close today, and as always this will be a closely watched report because it is so important to the Tech sector and various indices. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Oil Market Chaos Continues - 2016-01-25
Obviously, if you are looking to buy low, oil stocks in most industries within the sector have declined significantly along with the price of crude. Oil is currently near its multi-year low. So, if you're looking for cheap energy/oil stocks, now may be the time. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

Oil Refiners Dominate the ValuEngine Top S&P500 Stock List - 2016-01-21
For today's bulletin, ValuEngine ranks the SP500s top stocks. DH Horton, Chubb LTD, and JPMorgan Chase are newcomers--they replaced DAL, GILD, and LUV. Tesoro Corp remains the overall leader--again. Full article (HTML) | E-mail | Print

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